Friday, May 25, 2018
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Understanding Experts

Why Having A Mentor Is Necessary For an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is about making tough decisions. Entepreneurshipis a dangerous undertaking, and most of the entrepreneurs are used to threats. Because of getting used to taking financial risks, they end up taking many other risks in life. All of them like facing new challenges. One common resource that every entrepreneur turns to is a mentor. When you are looking for advise it is not so much as to what you ask but who you ask. It is important for you to draw mentors from different people who have different perspectives.

One of the mentors who should be useful is someone who knew you before you started your thing. Nothing makes more impact than the voice of someone who knew you before your startup. They know you well and they have your background from the time you were still dreaming before actualizing the dream. They can speak effectively and ground you to your roots when you seem getting lost in the business haze. For instance it will be good to have an old friend to remind you t do things that are important in our life. That plays an important role in getting you back on track and focus on things of great a value to you.

A person who has a similar skill with you can be a great learning resource. You can draw inspiration from people growing in the same phase as yours. You can devise a way of challenging and encouraging each other. You can create forums where you can sit and question each other’s decision as well as pushing each other do move faster. The best thing about such forums is that you understand each other and you can also help one another.

You may wonder to know that you need a colleague you do not love working with as one of your mentors. That kind of a person will help you to learn how to take any feedback and turn it to bring out good results. It may be challenging at the beginning, but with time it will turn to be for your good. The another type of mentor that can help you is someone who has exact opposite skill set than yours.

You will also need a mentor who is a friend who always knew you would be an entrepreneur. It will benefit you to meet often with someone who knows you are an entrepreneur and nothing else. That kind of a person is likely to say that this all what you are supposed to be doing and is what you are doing. That person cannot think of anything else other than doing what you are doing. Finding a mentor is the best way to grow your business.

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